About the Security Lady

About the Security Lady

Karolyn Foss- Territory Representative

When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, there is no compromising. We all know that materialistic items can be replaced but there is no replacing your family. As a mother of two and a grandmother of two, this is of the utmost importance to me.

Imagine a world where you receive a text message when your kids get home or the ability to look on your phone and see your pets playing at your house. What about all of those online items we buy and have shipped to our address that are left on our porch step? What about peace of mind when you’re alone at home or at night?

Even in business, we worry about our employees and their safety, our inventory and investment, liability, and our customers and clientele!
I know firsthand all about those questions and more!

Security has become my calling and I am proud to share that I am state registered in private security and can help you with :

Residential and business security reviews
Customizing security
Rebuilding and updating old systems
Taking over existing systems
Working from blue prints
and much more.

As a territory rep, I offer full home automation, video, burglar alarm systems, CCTV, life safety, access control, and individual medical units.